Dodgers' Walker Bue st. louis cardinals mlb jersey quiz hler ends interview after being asked about his tight pants

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Walker Buehler's pants Carlos Rodon Giants Jerseys became a talking point during the NLCS, but he was in no mood to join the conversation.

The reason why Buehler's pants st louis cardinals jerseys 2xl were a talking point is because they were very tight around his legs. We're talki st louis cardinals mlb jersey kisner ng the Yankees switching to cotton levels of tightness. They were not only tighter than usual, but also appeared to be shorter.

It was hard to miss.

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The Dodgers' pitcheMLB Watchesr started the game, and lasted five innings. He struck out seven batters and only allowed three hits and one run. The Dodgers then blew the game in the top of the ninth inning, giving up four additional runs to the Braves, losing 5-1. 

So, understandably, he wasn't too happy st. louis cardinals mlb jersey tickMLB Backpacksets when the game ended.

That's why when reporter Michael Duarte decided to ask Buehler abou st. louis cardinals mlb jersey website t his tight pants, the pitcher wasn't interested in answering the question.

Buehler looked upset, and thenTim Anderson that was the end of his interview session with the media.

So, unfortunately, we will not st. louis cardinals mlb jersey zipper know why Buehler was wearing such tight pants. We'll see whether his pants get a little looser later in the series.

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