Let’s talk Cubs st louis cardinals mlb jersey 4 sale vs. Pirates at Bucs Dugout!

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesMookie Betts

Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates, September 25, 2022, 1:35 p.m. ET

Location: PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Broadcast: AT&T Sportsnet

Radio: KDKA

The Pirates host the Cubs in a four-game series this weekend for the final meeting of the sKeds eason between the two teams.

Please remember our Game Day thread guidelines.

Don’t troll in your comments; create conversation rather than destroying itRemember st louis cardinals mlb jersey 45 Bucs Dugout is basically a non-profanity siteOut of respect to broadcast partners who have paid to carry the game, no mentions of “alternative” (read: illegal) viewing methods are allowed in our threadsThe comment Stephen Strasburg Nationals Jerseys ing system was updated during the summer. They’re still working on optimizing it for Game Day Threads like ours. If you don’t like clicking “Load More Comments”, remember that the “Z” key can be your friend. It loads up the latest comments automatically.

BD community, this is your thread for today’s game. Enjoy!

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