Stephen st. louis cardinals mlb jersey kit Strasburg got ejected while sitting in the stands after arguing with umpire

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Stephen Strasburg w st louis cardinals jersey blue as enjoying some Mets vs. Nationals action Jorge Soler Marlins Jerseys from his seat in Section 121 when he saw some calls he didn't agree with.

In the bottom of the third inning, Nationals pitcher Austin Voth was facing Mets slugger Pete Alonso. There were a pair of c st. louis cardinals mlb jersey 69 ontroversial calls as Voth essentially threw the same pitch twice, but received a strike call on one and a ball on the other.

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As you can see above, the called strike was actually slightly lower than the called ball. And this was a pivotal moment in the game as the bases were loaded with Alonso at bat. Had that pitch been called a strike, the inning would have been over. So, with the controversial call, Strasburg let his opinion be known from the stands, and umpire Carlos Torres overheard it.

Torres tossed S st louis cardinals jersey pujols trasburg early on, but there was some majestic st louis cardinals authentic jersey initial confusion as to who he tossed. It's odd for an umpire to eject a pitcher who isn't playing, so both Nationals manager Dave Martinez and the announcers were trying to figure out what was going on.

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Anthony Rizzo Someone, seemingly Strasburg, could be heard yelling "youCody Bellinger are f—ing brutal" to Torres.

Cameras eventually caught Strasburg tipping his hat to the umpire, and it became clear he was the one who got ejected. 

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As for Strasburg, he's currently dealing with a right hand injury and missed two starts this season as a result. However, Martinez said Wednesday that he expects Strasburg to start Friday.

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